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High-quality reproduction fine art prints are now available for selected original artworks
Various options are available in size and print finishes, with or without framing.
Stretched and Framed options are ‘ready to hang’ on arrival
Shipping is included and calculated at checkout


Many of these original artworks in the Nylex series were painted on timber panels reclaimed from the Nylex site. The texture and imperfections characteristic of the timber surface have been intentionally retained within the artwork and are visible within the print


Satin Canvas
A unique heavy weight and professional quality canvas offering a high-resolution coating ideal for photographic and fine art reproductions. The semi-tight weave and subtle texture gives an authentic, artistic look and feel.


Cotton Rag (320 gsm Premium Paper)

Archival prints on 100% Smooth (Hot-pressed) Cotton Rag is known for its smooth, matte finish.  With natural colouration and a light fast rating of o