Coastal Inspired 


There is something quite unique coastal environments, pristine beaches, and its native vegetation that's hard to leave!

Whether bracing the chilling winds, or basking in warm sunshine, I have always loved walking beaches, scrambling over rocks and peering into pools with childlike curiosity. 


I am drawn to the contrasts of the Bass Coast in Victoria. The ancient, and timeless geology of this coastline. The bold rock formations, the graphic markings and the colourful strata of the cliffs; as well as the more fragile, transient ecologies within the marine environment.  I am particularly attracted to colours, textures and stillness within my environment and immerse myself in these details during my painting process. I love the challenge of attempting to capture these elements through my artwork.

Many of these works were featured in a solo exhibtion 'Coast lines' held at the Art Space Gallery, Wonthaggi 2019