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Hello there! 


Art is a passion that has always woven its way through my life.

I've always been surrounded and nurtured by a family of

'arty types' who consistently encouraged my natural

instinct and joy toward drawing, painting and making.

Employment within visual art related industries including visual merchandising, graphic design/printing, textile design and Childrens book illustration followed naturally.  I started a small freelance design business, 'Homegrown Graphics' which allowed me to work from home with three young children during that busy phase.

I undertook formal art training as a mature-age student graduating with a Diploma of Visual Art in 2013, and enjoyed forging friendships and connections with like-minds that reinforced my desire to pursue painting.

At its core, my artwork is connected to my surroundings.

Striving to capture that unique perspective and beauty that I find within ordinary subjects and everyday moments, and drawing attention to how I see the world.

'I love to celebrate the extraordinary within the ordinary' Something as simple as a fleeting shift between light and shadow, the gesture of a leaf, surprising colour contrasts and textures found in both my interior and exterior worlds.

Recognising, capturing and sharing the essence of these small moments reinforces a way of living in the present. As an artist, it is deeply rewarding when others respond to those observations.  

It's these 'moments' that provide the motivation to paint a series of works ranging from domestic and still life arrangements, to coastal geology or my suburban city environment.

Protea Reflection .jpg

In 2021, mid Covid Pandemic, we downsized our family home in the eastern suburbs, to inner city Melbourne and now try to divide our time between city life and a quieter lifestyle on the Bass Coast in Victoria.  Conveniently, I'm able to paint from my studio space in inner city Melbourne  or a 'home-studio' when in Inverloch. 

My process is quite intuitive, where I particularly enjoy the initial energetic marks and bold colour choices with my oil paints when starting a painting, and then fully immerse myself in the unique details of my subject.  Beginning with its thoughtful inception and idea stage, creating a sketch and considering the composition - right through to signing and naming each piece.

I'm drawn to images of stillness, solitude and quiet, which I intuitively explore and collect through my personal photography. These often become a source of reference for my artworks.

Within my suburban and coastal environments, native flora and natural themes are subjects I consistently engage with and return to.  Working at a larger scale enhances the unique features and colours I am drawn to and strive to infuse in my work.


Jackie has illustrated numerous books for children, including one of her own, 'Me & My Family Tree'

She has designed and illustrated educational resources for teachers, therapists and psychologists and formerly presented  art workshops for primary school aged children across Melbourne and interstate

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