My art journey has evolved over many years of self-learning including short courses, employment in a printing company as a graphic design artist; freelance illustration and formal art training 

in visual arts. All of these past experiences along with a life-long love and curiosity of all kinds of art, continue to influence my work today.


At its core my artwork is, and always has been, connected to my surroundings. Striving to capture a unique perspective and beauty that I find within ordinary subjects and everyday moments.  Celebrating the extraordinary within the ordinary.  Something as simple as a fleeting shift between light and shadow, surprising colour contrasts or interesting textures found in both my interior and exterior worlds.

By recognising, capturing and giving permanence to the essence and mood of these small moments - I find I am living in the present. It’s what provides me with the diversity and motivation to paint a series of works ranging from domestic and still life arrangements, to coastal geology or my suburban city environment.

Protea Reflection .jpg

I generally work in oils, from a studio in Melbourne’s vibrant Nicholas Building in the CBD or alternatively a home-based studio in the coastal town of Inverloch on the Bass Coast of Victoria.

Through an intuitive language and process of mark-making and bold colour choices, I love to immerse myself fully in to each painting from its thoughtful composition right through to signing and naming of each piece.

My arts practice centres firstly around the drawing and compositional stage of each painting. I also find that the endless images of stillness and solitude which I intuitively explore and collect through my personal photography, often become a source of reference for my artworks.


Within my suburban and coastal environments, native flora and natural themes are subjects I consistently engage with and return to.  Working at a larger scale enhances the unique features and colours I am drawn to which I attempt to infuse in to my work.


Jackie has illustrated numerous books for children, including one of her own, 'Me & My Family Tree'

She has designed and illustrated educational resources for teachers, therapists and psychologists and formerly presented  art workshops for primary school aged children across Melbourne and interstate